Hershey Resorts Sales Team

Michael Reynoldson, Assistant Director of Resorts Sales

Michael Reynoldson

Managing Director, Resorts Sales/Revenue Management

Direct: 717-520-5437
Fax: 717-508-5128
Email: mcreynoldson@HersheyPA.com

Cyndy Cosner, Assistant Director of Resorts Sales

Cyndy Cosner

Assistant Director of Resorts Sales

Direct: 717-534-8691
Fax: 717-508-1944
Email: ccosner@HersheyPA.com

Market: PA State Associations, PA Department of Education

Randy Byler, PA State Association Sales Manager

Randy Byler, CMP

PA State Association Sales Manager

Direct: 717-534-8613
Fax: 717-508-1947
Email: rbyler@HersheyPA.com

Market: PA State Associations, PA Government and Unions

Alexandra Davis, Sales Manager

Alexandra Davis

Sales Manager

Direct: 717-520-5453
Fax: 717-520-5131
Email: almdavis@hersheypa.com

Market: MD, VA, DE, Scranton and Wilkes Barre Corporate

Lauren Kautz, Director of National Accounts

Lauren Kautz

Director of National Accounts

Direct: 717-534-8618
Fax: 717-508-1941
Email: lkautz@HersheyPA.com

Market: NYC, NJ, and Philadelphia Corporate

Julie Miller, Manager, Travel Industry Sales

Julie Miller

Travel Industry Sales manager

Direct: 610-438-5288
Fax: 717-508-1938
Email: jmiller@HersheyPA.com

Market: All groups 10 rooms or less. Sports Teams, Family Reunions, Tour and Travel

Montana Miller, Resorts Business Development Manager

Montana Miller

Resorts Business Development Manager

Phone: 717-520-5497
Email: mormiller1@hersheypa.com

Market: New Business Development

Patrick Uffner, Sales Manager

Patrick Uffner, CMP

Sales Manager

Direct: 717-534-8640
Fax: 717-508-1982
Cell: 717-602-9695
Email: puffner@HersheyPA.com

Market: PA Corporate

Gwen Weaver, Sales Manager

Gwen Weaver, CMP

Sales Manager

Direct: 717-520-5461
Fax: 717-508-1937
Cell: 717-315-2254
Email: gweaver@HersheyPA.com

Market: One-Day Meetings and Events